Mark Bunn’s passion is in helping remind people of the simple, age-old secrets of ‘Dharmic Living’ – how to live in tune with the eternal ‘laws of nature’ – so as to enjoy great health, happiness and work success.

Mark didn’t start off this way. In a much earlier life, he played 6 years of professional AFL football before realising that having your head smacked in each week and a good life expectancy were not very compatible!

After an Honours Degree in Western health science and formal training in Eastern medicine (Ayurveda), he studied the secrets of the world’s healthiest, longest-living people, and the world’s most successful businesspeople, before researching into ancient indigenous wisdoms, transcendence, psychedelics, higher states of consciousness and enlightenment.

His first book, ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health’ has become one of Australia’s highest-selling health books, he has spoken in over 10 countries and is the former CEO of the David Lynch Foundation of Australia – a charity that helps those suffering depression, PTSD, domestic violence and severe trauma.

With his unique mix of Western-science and age-old traditional medicine, Mark helps people deal with the challenges of stress, sleep difficulties, fatigue, and home life balance by recapturing their NATURAL HIGH state of high energy, low stress, life balance and work success.

With Mark, you won’t hear anything about counting calories, analysing fats or sleep apps. You will however learn about the world’s oldest health science, the consciousness revolution, and why good relationships and having fun, are far more important for our health than having a six-pack, drinking green smoothies or activating our bloody almonds!

“Mark will change the way you think about wellness and quite possibly your life.”

Robert S. Conlee – CEO Neways International – Utah USA

“Mark mumbles, never ate his broccoli and isn’t as funny as he thinks he is. But he’s a lovely boy and I think you will love him.

Mark’s mum