With a background in Electronics Engineering, Matt has worked within a technology umbrella performing various roles across a diverse array of organisations.

Starting his career working with the hearing impaired in a government organisation, it was here he developed a passion for customer service and pleasing the individual. Matt says that if you ever want a truly rewarding experience go and fix an 83 year-old woman’s hearing aid, three days before Christmas. If you do the work with a smile and an obvious display of care they may write you into their will on the spot!

Following this role, Matt headed into the realm of contact centres where he was able to develop and use his technical expertise. He worked with a start-up company covering many aspects of IT including networking, desktop support and software development. Moving quickly into leadership roles, he continued to follow his passion to provide high quality service.

Moving on to private enterprise, Matt continued in the contact centre realm with Sensis. During his 8 years there, he strengthened and formalised many of his technical skills and continued to develop his leadership and management skills through various leadership roles.

Joining Monash University in 2010 to help drive the Shared Services program, Matt played a key role in centralising the university’s large and complex IT needs. With approximately 240 front line service management and support staff, he currently serves as the eSolutions Director of Support Services and Engagement. He still has a passion for service and leadership, working with great people to create amazing experiences for students, professional and academic staff, researchers and the wider university community.

Matt continues to focus on personalisation and individualisation to continually improve the customer experience. He will always have a service focus. To achieve what is needed, Matt believes organisations need to change the way they do business. Create bandwidth for staff so they can spend time in their area of expertise, spend time on relationships and adding value. He believes it is vital to remove unwanted or unnecessary complexity and (at times) pain. This means process automation, system integration and making products and services easy and simple to use.