Over the years, Chau Lam has played a range of diverse roles across many organisations, from fundraiser to team lead to project manager. Her passion has always been in education, learning, and communication. She was an integral part of the cloud transformation team that saw Monash making the leap to a Cloud-Only strategy. Her work included white papers on cloud governance and service monitoring, which informs Monash’s current practice.

Chau’s current work at Monash is with the Innovation and Special Operations team as Innovation Lead, with a focus on Student Engagement. She is responsible for delivering a coherent program of Student Engagement which encompasses Recognition of Prior Learning, Student-Led Initiative, IBL, and Work Integrated Learning. This spans student recruitment, induction and training programs, as well as managing multiple student-led initiatives.

Through the program, Chau has delivered enterprise-class services to the University  such as MonPlan, SwapMe, Project Portal, and MOOSE. She also presented seminars to The Diverse IT student society, IBL industry events, and run tutorials on Scaled Agile practices.